Rivonia SDA Church’s Adventist men’s Organisation exists to support evangelistic and related activities of the church, to minister to Adventist and non Adventist men in Melville and the greater Johannesburg, providing fora for fellowship, worship and nurturing of its members in order to Glorify God.

1. Evangelism

  • Support in raising funds for the evangelistic campaign.
  • Target more than converts
  • Support and aid the church library by buying new books and asking members to donate to the library.

Will do the above through distribution of pamphlets, publicity, follow-ups, visitations to hospitals, prisons, children’s homes, etc.

2. Fellowship


  • Revive A.M.O. breakfast meetings.
  • Develop A.M.O databank / directory for members.
  • Use Sabbath school to furnish us with names of men so as to invite them to our meetings.
  • A.M.O. retreat

3. Discipleship

  • Support the lay activity department in their programmes
  • Encourage men to act the role of spiritual fathers to new converts.

4. Ministry

  • Visitations
  • Participate in outreach programmes.
  • Invite speakers and resource persons to speak on specific specialised fields.
  • To support the investment department in acquiring more chairs and buy a new P.A. system

Please direct any questions or ideas to the Director Mgcini Mhlanga, 078 232 7622 or via e-mail, info@rivoniasdachurch.org

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