It’s a church centered program  that provides the spirit of adventure and exploration that is found in every junior youth.

The Pathfinder Club has a Pledge and Law, highlighting the spiritual basis on which the club is built.
The club operates on a 9, 10, 11, or12 month calendar year, with a weekly or bi- weekly program of at least 11⁄2, 2, or 3 hours’ duration. Within this 11⁄2, 2, or 3 hour period the Pathfinders perform drill and marching, crafts and/or hobbies and games, as well as taking part in devotional activities and classwork.
There are six classes, with given conclude at 15 years. Each class
Friend 10 years Companion 11 years Explorer 12 years Ranger 13 years Voyager 14 years Guide 15 years
names, which begin at 10 years of age and is represented by a chosen color as listed.
Blue Red Green Silver Burgundy Gold

At the completion of the classwork requirements, the Pathfinder receives insignia as an award consisting of a pin, Pathfinder Class pocket strip and chevron at a special Investiture service.

PLEDGE: By the grace of God. Only as we rely on God to help us can we do His will.

  • I will be pure. I will fill my mind with everything that is right and true and spend my time in activities that will build a strong, clean character.
  • I will be kind and true.
  • I will be considerate and kind not only to my fellow men but also to all of God’s creation.
  • I will be honest and upright in study, work, and play and can always be counted on to do my very best.
  • I will keep the Pathfinder Law. I will seek to understand the meaning of the Law and will strive to live up to its spirit, realizing that obedience to law is essential in any organization.
  • I will be a servant of God and a friend to man.
  • I will pledge myself to serve God first, last, and best in everything I am called upon to be or do.
  • I will live to bless others and do unto them as I would have them do unto me.

The PATHFINDER LAW is for me to:

  • Keep the Morning Watch. I will have personal devotional time each day.
  • Do my honest part. By the power of God I will help others, and do my duty and my honest share, wherever I may be.
  • Care for my body. I will be temperate in all things and strive to reach a high standard of physical fitness.
  • Keep a level eye. I will not lie, cheat, or deceive, and will despise dirty talk or evil thinking.
  • Be courteous and obedient. I will be kind and thoughtful of others, reflecting the love of Jesus in all my association with others.
  • Walk softly in the sanctuary. In any devotional exercise I will show the reverence that befits being in the special presence of God.
  • Keep a song in my heart. I will be cheerful always seeking the positive side of life and let the influence of my life be as sunshine to others.
  • Go on God’s errands. I will always be ready to share my faith and seek to be of service to others as did Jesus.

We trust you will be blessed being a part of our Adventure Club. Please direct any questions or ideas to the Director Sifanele Ndlovu, 073 925 4646 or via e-mail,

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